Traffic separation

  • HI Guys

    I have installed pfsense 1.2-RC2 in 512MB Flash card, i have Three ADSL Connectins.

    Wan1 and Wan2  - connected to systems

    Wan3 - connected VOIP Phones.

    I would like to connect Wan1,Wan2 and Wan3  in pfsense, but the system traffic should go through the Wan1 and Wan2, and VOIP Phones should use Wan2.

    Please Help me on this issue.



  • AFAIK, you can force your VOIP ports to use WAN3 by creating a Firewall:Rules on your LAN.


    let say your VOIP uses ports 6000 and 6001

    you can create a blocked firewall:rules on your lan to those ports going to WAN1 and WAN2 gateways

    then create a passed firewall:rules on your lan to those ports to explicitly pass through your WAN3 gateway.

  • you dont need a block rule. (see my sig and figure why better not ;) )
    just create an allow-rule above your default allow rule with as destination port the port of your VoIP software and as default gateway your WAN you want the traffic to go out.

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