Make different speed on multi lan

  • Hey there.

    I would like all my different VLANs to run different speed, like a hosting Company.

    Right now i have.

    VLAN 5
    VLAN 10
    VLAN 15
    VLAN 20
    VLAN 25

    i would like them to run different WAN speed.

    VLAN 5 - 10mbit/10mbit
    VLAN 10 2mbit/1mbit
    VLAN 15 5mbit/5mbit

    and so on. I know i can make a limiter and set it on the firewall, but then i have to do it on every port i have open and that requires alot of Work. is there and easier why to do it? or am i doing something wrong? the port rules is set on the vlan interface.

  • Bump?

  • Is the VLAN limit based on something else? Or just an arbitrary value?

    You'll have to type in the limits you want, somewhere…

  • Its just a  arbitrary value. I want to set this setting some where, but my question os where? i mean i dont want to set it on every rules on the firewall. Is there some where more simpel place to place it?

  • I get your point. You create one limiter per interface, and then use floating rules with action "match" to make sure all traffic belonging to the interface gets within the pipe. So you need only 1 rule per VLAN ;)

  • Thanks fixed my problem.

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