Problems adding new gateway

  • Hi All.  Currently running 2.0.2 behind a draytek 2850n (x.x.x.254).  I have added an additional, quad WAN router (load balancing) which is now a 2nd gateway in pfsense (x.x.x.253).  When I select .253 as the default gateway in pfSense, I see the following:

    • pfsense can ping the local subnet and .253

    • pfsense cannot ping

    • pfsense cannot traceroute to (no first hop)

    When I switch the default gateway back to .254, everything works fine.  Have also rebooted in between changes just in case.  I have the same configuration in another office which works without issue (same pfSense release, same network configuration, same routers).  Specifying .253 as the default gateway on Server 2008 R2 and Windows 8 doesn't cause any issues.

    This instance is to be used for squid only, however until I can successfully use the gateway from pfSense, I'm stuck on the old, very slow line.

    I might be missing something really obvious but I can't see where at the moment.

    Any help appreciated!

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