Strange speed between WAN and LAN.

  • Hi pfSense community

    I have been using pfSense since right before 2.1 RC0 snapshots
    Few days ago I did a fresh install of 2.1 Release, since that time I ran into some problem which never happen before.

    Firstly it's applications port forwarding before I didn't have to do much port forwarding for programs and games but now if I don't do it hardly anything will work at this point.
    Very much like to know what could be the cause?

    Secondly even with port forwarding there is strange speed going on, on the pfSense shows router is pulling the full line speed of my 100Mb fibre but PC which running applications only downloading at 200KB/s given and take.
    I had a look in pfTop showing alot of traffic at router local.

    I have all necessary ports added into NAT port forwarding, is there anything else I could have done and can be done?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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