Voip 1720, One Way Voice

  • hi
    available in such a working diagram:
    voip gateway ap1005 (wan port with a real ip) - router fbr-4000 (wan port with a real ip) - voip gateway ap700 (wan port to local ip)

    voip gateway ap1005 Mapped 4 telephone line via a router fbr-4000 to another voip gateway ap700
    spelled out in the router only 2 rules nat (virtul server):

    tcp 1720 на wan_ap700
    udp 23000-24999 на wan_ap700

    ap700 registered in the only route: lan_fbr-4000

    instead need fbr-4000 put pfsense

    respectively ap700 change route: lan_pfsense

    and create pfsense

    firewall - nat - Port Forward

    WAN_provider1  TCP  *  *  WAN_provider1 net          1720  wan_ap700  1720
    WAN_provider1  UDP  *  *  WAN_RESURS net  23000 - 24999  wan_ap700  23000 - 24999

    and two additional rules

    IPv4 TCP    LAN net    *    *    1720    *   
    IPv4 UDP    LAN net    *    *    23000 - 24999    *

    BUT, if calling from the ap700 ap1005 on a connection is made, but heard only by what they say ap700 by ap1005, and vice versa - can not be heard

    One Way Voice: ap700 -> ap1005 but ap1005 X->X ap700

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