Multi WAN configuration

  • Hello,

    I have two network connections:
    1/ Connection A 8Mb /s - Public IP X.X.X.X
    2/ Connection B 8Mb / s - Pub

    Aand I want to configure Firewall to be output a single LAN connection with a single 16Mb / s connection.

    This is a corresponding architecture (Attachments).

    I have assigned the interfaces but i don't no what's the next step configuration, can you help me.

    Best regards.

  • What you want is described here -

    You will set up a gateway group with both gateways having the same tier and the same weight as you want to utilize them equally, both have 8 Mbps. Just read the above document, it's all in there.

  • Thanks for your response,
    Please, can you send me a link describe how can i setup this with picture ?
    Last quation: The users have a bandwith equal 16Mb/s or 8Mb/s ?
    If i donwload a file, i download it with 16Mb/s or 8Mb/s ? thanks
    best regards.

  • Netgate Administrator

    The maximum single connection speed will still be limited to 8Mbps. Thus if you're downloading a file via http you will only see 8Mbps but you would see 16Mbps if you are using bit torrent for example.

    For load balancing to work correctly you must have different gateways on each WAN connection. That can be a problem if you are using a single ISP. If you're using PPPoE you shouldn't have a problem though.


  • Just like Steve says. When you download a file, your computer starts a new TCP connection for it. And pfSense makes a decision about to which gateway¬† to route this connection. If it takes either one, it will apparently be 8 Mbps. But if you started second download and your gateways had the same weight, pfSense should choose the other free gateway so you would get another 8 Mbps download.

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