Macro/button/package to temporarily block access to internet

  • Hi,

    Does anyone know of an easy way to setup a "button" or macro or some easy way to block the kids access to the internet on demand?

    Also, I plan on setting up schedules for them to use the internet at specific times….


  • White-listed MACs & static DHCP leases, firewall rule to block all IPs not on the static list, disabled rule ready to go to block the IPs used by the kids.

  • Thanks,

    will give it a try..

  • Easiest solution is on the interface tab (LAN for instance) you should have a pre-existing rule allowing internet, if you click the green arrow it will turn grey, indicating that rule is now "off" - essentially blocking interwebz for that interface.

    **When I say "pre-existing" I mean to say a rule you created to allow internet traffic. Most people usually have something like * * * * *  meaning allow everything. I don't think pfsense creates such an internet rule for you automatically, just anti-lockout rules.

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