Nic Teaming and connection timeouts

  • Hello, I have a web server behind my pfsense 2.0.1 installation that has 2 Broadcom nic cards teamed in a load balanced and failover configuration, which means each nic has it's own mac address. So often I see this message in the logs:

    kernel: arp: moved from 00:19:b9:ec:08:f4 to 00:19:b9:ec:08:f2 on lagg1

    I have also experienced some very random connection timeouts against this web server and there are no logs on the server itself to suggest a service failure there. Question is, could this arp move be a suspect? Perhaps in some way orphaning a user's session? Thanks!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    No that wouldn't have any effect on the firewall states. To oversimplify it a bit: pf doesn't care about layer 2 (e.g. MACs) only layer 3 (IPs)

    That would only be a factor if you had captive portal enabled on that interface, which would be unusual since it has a web server.

    Seeing that ARP message is normal when NIC teaming is involved.

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