Can't get 1:1 working properly

  • Hello.  My first post here but have been using pfsense for a few years.  Rebuilding a firewall from scratch.  Wanted to start clean so that is why i did not restore the config.

    I have googled the you know what out of this question before I posted.  Here it goes…

    I can't get 1:1 nat working.  Anything that I 1:1 stops functioning.  As soon as I remove the mapping it works again but is nat'd to the wan address.

    This is running in an enterprise network with many subnets.  I am attaching a simple network diagram and a screen cap of the nat setup.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    edit--- the lan interface on pfsense should probably say lan subnet.  The interface ip is

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Sounds like you don't have any Virtual IPs configured for the "external" addresses of the 1:1 NAT.

  • Thanks.  It ended up being a configuration error.    I had a gateway defined on the lan interface.  I removed the gateway and added a static route for the lan subnets and everything starting working properly.

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