RRD graph shows 52% loss

  • Hello,

    I'm looking for some help on properly reading the RRD Graphs in pfSense 2.1. Under the Quality tab my first two graphs show 50% for packet loss. Does this mean I'm really losing 1 out 2 packet? The router connects to (3) VPNS and the Internet for the office.

    Can I determine if they are lost from VPN to VPN (site1/main to site3)? I ask because one remote office has always complained about slow access to the main site. I installed (2) pfSense routers because I believed I could get more information out of them. Now my issue is I am getting information I cannot fully interpret.


  • more info…

    The headings are

    pfsense.localdomain GW_WAN Quality - 8 hrs - 1 minute average


    pfsense.localdomain GW_WAN:: Quality - 1 day - 5 minute average

  • Can someone look at their RRD Graphs and just respond with their stats? I'm trying to find a baseline.

  • I had what seems like a similar issue. The status->gateway and RRD graphs would report bogus loss percentages. They would report 30% for IPv4 and 20% for IPv6. When I pinged the gateways manually, 0% loss. My solution was to go to status->services and restart apinger. After that it reported realistic loss percentages.

  • Wow, thanks. Sure enough after the service restart it is down to 0%.

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