• I am new to pfsense and shortly in the future my daughter will be moving off campus and have three room mates all that want wireless in their new apartment.  They will have one WAN connection via their broadband provider.  I was thinking of putting together a pfsense computer but I am not sure how or if it could handle my situation below.  Any help would be appreciated if pfsense could handle the below.

    Being security minded I would like to set up their system such that each room mate would have their own wireless access to the internet but I do not want each wireless user to be able to access the other three room mates computers in case of a virus hacker etc.

  • You need an AP that'll let you disallow intra-BSS communication, or a wireless card in pfSense setup as hostap with that disabled. Then the wireless clients cannot communicate with each other, and pfsense will protect all the internal machines from the outside.

  • Thanks,  I will start to search for AP's that allow "Allow intra-BSS communication" to be disabled.