RRD Queues don't autoupdate

  • 1.2-RC3
    built on Sat Oct 20 08:17:36 EDT 2007
    Fresh install

    All the other categories autoupdate
    Bug or feature  ;)

    In an earlier post I talked about Queues graph not looking ok. Problem starts at 1 month and longer. I have a 8 not a 70 Mbit xDSL …
    Still not working, or am I not understanding it right?

    ![RRD Queues 1m.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/RRD Queues 1m.png)
    ![RRD Queues 1m.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/RRD Queues 1m.png_thumb)

  • Seems to be an open ticket on this. I added a link to this thread to the ticket.

  • I have updated the ticket. If the filter reloads often the traffic counters on the queues reset to 0 which makes the counters wrap.

    I already clamp down the graph based on the bandwidth set in the magicshaper.

    If the MagicShaper is not set it will automatically default to 1gbp. Otherwise all values over the defined speed will be ignored by the graphing code as a wrapped counter fault.

    One should always use the queues graph as a indication only so the numbers would not even match up normally. Which is why the graph doesn't have numbers in the 1st place.

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