Dnsmasq ignores AAAA record lookup (ipv4 / 2.1-RELEASE)

  • Has anybody seen dnsmasq just not producing any response to an ipv4 DNS query for an AAAA record?

    I'm looking at a packet capture of 'host foo.example.com gateway.address' and the A record query immediately returns, but then the system resolver tries several times to do an AAAA query, and no data comes back at all from dnsmasq on pfsense (0 packets).

    This makes servers which are using the dns forwarder as their DNS server cause ssh connections (e.g.) to hang quite badly.

    If I have a domain forwarded to another resolver, the response comes right back ('example.com has no AAAA record'), so dnsmasq can at least forward the right response - it just doesn't seem to be generating one on pfSense.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    And you have a ipv6 address for what your trying to resolve

    So I put in a ipv6 for my pfsense address.

    If I ask for something that doesn't have AAAA I get a empty response right back.

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