How to access an OpenVPN client from LAN

  • Hi All,

    I have a somewhat unusual request. My internal LAN is behind a pfSense running multiple OpenVPN servers.

    I have an old PC running FreeNAS that I would like to put that somewhere on the internet (no static IP and behind a router)

    I managed in the past to install an OpenVPN client on this FreeNAS PC and make a connection - hopefully I can get this working again. (It will connect to an OpenVPN server exclusively for this purpose)

    But… once that is done I would like to be able to have the computers in my LAN find their way to the FreeNAS through the VPN... (= the other way around)

    FreeNAS will be setup as a time-machine - my MACs need to access it no matter where on the internet the FreeNAS is...

    I lacking some knowledge in how to do that last step - if possible.
    I assume I need a special route on the home pfSense and make sure the FreeNAS always gets the same tunnel IP ...?

    Tips / ideas are appreciated!



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