Bad, very bad !

  • since 7 days I try to install and configure pfsense on a watchguard firebox x700.

    First : Your tips are fk bad ! Problem : in serial console , boot hangs after "bootup complete" , no reaction.
    I read in the forum SO MANY solutions - allways false or for a "microsoft" - worker not understandable.
    Give you a solution , very simple :

    Boot with "hyper-terminal" , using 9600 bd. On select "7 - boot with prompt"
    on prompt type : set comconsole_speed=115200 and hit enter.

    close and open again terminal-session , take 115200 bd , connect  … just hit a key (enter) ... see "OK"
    (youre online again)  ... NOW  type "boot" and enter -

    it boots in menue to change , for ex. interface-Ips and so on.

    Why is this not in documentation ???

    And further more  ... Now installed the firebox complete, everything ist working fine -
    but , very slow. (2,1 mb , must be 14 mb download)  squid in - and deinstalled, no changes.
    Report  with squidlight shows only first reports.
    "System halt" and "reboot" are not functional , you have to switch off / on hardware.

    anymore productive hints ?

  • Netgate Administrator

    It is covered in the docs:

    Your instructions are good though. Are you booting from a hard drive? There isn't normally a menu that gives you an option to boot to a prompt if you're booting nanobsd from a cf card.

    The reboot option should work but you will never be able to shutdown the box from software because the power supply is not atx compatible, it's not software controllable.


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