Route to all my vlans

  • how do i route traffic from my pfsense firewall to my  LAN network, the LAN i have made it on the same subnet on the switch as my server vlan 3

    how do i go about routing it to the other subnets (vlans) on my switch so all the vlans get internet?

  • i mean the LAN port on my router /firewall has got the ip address and then it goes to my vlan switch and the vlan it goes into is vlan 8 which is labelled as the server network

    i thought all i had to do was to create static routes in my router /firewall ie for all my networks ie

    vlan 1 -(network) (subnet) (next hop) OR (outbound interface)

    vlan 2 - (network) (subnet) (next hop) OR (outbound interface)

    vlan 3 - (network) (subnet) (next hop) OR (outbound interface)

    vlan 8 - (network) (subnet) (next hop) OR (outbound interface)

    is this correct or not, sorry for the dumb question


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