Multiple interfaces with multiple static IP mapping

  • I have a DELL machine with 4 ethernet cards.  I have a static IP block from my ISP - 5 IPs, so its a /29.  I want to map each static IP to a separate interface.  I have it basically working inbound, but when I try outbound, it only reports the WAN interface IP, no matter which interface I check from.  I'm running an Asterisk PBX on one of the interfaces and the trunk provider authenticates by IP, so it wont quite work with using the same outbound IP for all inside interfaces.

    WAN config is  gateway
    LAN config is
    OPT1 config is
    OPT2 no config yet

    The asterisk PBX is connected to OPT1 as and (it is dual homed).  It can ping out and I can ping it locally on both addresses.  I can also ping

    I set up a virtual IP of and assigned a 1:1 mapping, NAT and outbound NAT, but doing from either address reports

    Whats the best way to have multiple static IPs mapped exclusively to multiple interfaces?  Or is there a better way to achieve this?


  • Nevermind…was a cabling problem - all is working

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