PFFLOWD - send netflow on schedule

  • I have just installed pfflowd and am using a tool called scrutinizer made by a company called plixer to analyse the packets.  it is complaining that pfsense is not sending it netflow datagrams in a timely manner.  is this a simple addition to the package config page?  as well,  i cannot seem to get the serivce to start if i tell it i want a v5 datagram.  if i select v4, bitshark (ehtereal)  shows that the packets coming from it are v5,  but inside the data of the packet it shows v4.  i am not sure how accurate bitshark's interpretation of netflow packets is, but i hope that this is good information nonetheless.

  • You should try ManageEngines product.  Only 2 free collectors but very powerful.  Netflow Analyzer.

  • There is also a free netflow testing tool.

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