Dual WAN with 2 default gateways on the same network & interface, possible?

  • Hey guys, I have 2 ISP at home.
    I want to load balance with them, the thing is that I'd preffer to avoid having to install a secondary NIC.
    So, could I have both ISP routers on the same LAN, say, IPs & and have pfSense work its magic anyway?


  • This is possible. You didn't say which version of PfSense you were using so I'm going to assume the latest version though this would work with some older one. You just need to get a switch that is VLAN capable.

    1. Create vlan 100,101 (Just an example make it what ever you want) in PfSense and Switch
    2. Assign vlan 100 to ISP1 under Interface assignments
    3. Assign vlan 101 to ISP2 under Interface assignments
    4. Add 100, 101 tagged  to the last port of that switch
    5. Add vlan 100 untagged to port 1
    6. add vlan 101 untagged to port 2
    7. connect last port of switch to PfSense.
    8. connect ISP1 to port 1 on switch
    9. connect ISP2 to port 2 on switch
    10. Once you save you may have to restart modems/routers and PfSense.


    I remember a while back someone was trying to do something similar. Check this post out http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,65008.msg353114.html#msg353114 it might give you some guidance. Obviously with the instructions above you can use what ever ports on your switch you want. If you are going to use Cisco gear just make sure that you use 802.1q vlan tagging and not ISL which is the default on some older gear.

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