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  • Hello everybody!

    Just installed on a Dell PowerEdge T110 II, Celeron G550, 2.6Ghz, 2 gig ram, 500 gig hard drive.  Tossed in an Intel dual-port nic and I'm up and running with WAN, LAN and unused on the 3rd nic.  Works great!

    I had debated on a small form factor, or an appliance type device (Netgate, Lanner etc.) but decided to go for the tower.  Its quiet, runs at 29C and has some room to grow if I want to add some packages.

    I have a question:  I'm a paranoid, OCD security nut and conspiracy theorist (aren't we all?)  and I was wondering what is going on in the dashboard that does any type of connection to get current release status?  Something has to go somewhere to check this status…right? :-)

    Thank you,


  • Netgate Administrator

    It checks for updates by fetching the version file from (for 32bit installs).
    Additionally it will fetch the packages list if you open the packages menu and it periodically fetches an updated bogons list.


  • Thank you very much.

    I did find under System->Firmware, Updater Settings tab, a check box for " Disable the automatic dashboard auto-update check.".  In my mind, I would rather see this as a submit button ala "Check for Updates" and then I could just hit it whenever.  I'm sure others will prefer the automated check.

    Good software lets users make choices and that is exactly what pfSense does in this case.


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