Can't access gateway's web configuration page.

  • Hello,

    I am currently running pfSense 2.1.

    I have 6 WAN ports and 1 LAN port.

    The 6  WAN ports IP configuration is:

    The gateways are:

    All gateways are working since I can see the traffic passing through them. The gateway monitors are good. But I can't PING or TRACEROUTE or use the web configuration screen on some modem gateways. I know they work because if I plug my laptop on the unused lan ports of the gateways I can go right into the web configuration screen of the modems.

    For example, I can't ping or go to yet traffic is flowing through this gateway as shown in traffic graphs and firewall states.

    I have of course checked my configuration to see if any weird policy based routing is going on but nothing like that is there. No weird firewall rules that block ICMP or http access to those addresses.

    I have of course rebooted all hardware including the modems. Nothing seems to make a difference. I can't ping or traceroute from various Windows hosts either, all I get are * * * on the first hop. I even tried ping and traceroute from pfSense's diagnostics screen and got the same results.

    Any ideas on what could be wrong here?

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