Wireless configuration

  • Dear all;
    I have successfully set up pfsense into my USB and it is working. The WAN interface is my laptops wireless card and the LAN is my laptops network card. I was successfully logged into my firewall via the ethernet interface and had a look into it. Now my next step is to configure WAN to access internet. For that I need to connect into my wireless router via the laptops wireless interface of my router.
    I can confirm that all the interfaces have detected correctly. I cannot download any packages directly from the internet because my WAN interface is down.

    1)Is it really possible to configure this interface from the web interface. The authentication method is WPA-PSK.
    2) I have followed a link on the web about the configuration of the wireless interface via the shell.
    3) according to the link. I have to find and edit three scripts and they are  ;
        - laoder.conf
        - /etc/rc.conf
        - /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf
    4)I was able to locate the loader.conf but I could not able to locate the rc.conf, wpa_supplicant.conf files.
    As a solution I have manually created all these files inside the etc directory. I dont think its is a good idea but  i did not have any option.

    Even though after all these things, the iwconfig command doesn't work.
    when I type "ifconfig wlan0 ", the interface shows as up but "no carrier". It also displays the frequency.
    Please help. All the operating systems are windows based.

    the wireless router operates as  an access point mode not ad-hoc.

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