Pass Broascast traffic over IPSec Tunnel?

  • So i have an ipsec tunnel between my parent's house (2.0.3-RELEASE) and my house (2.1-RELEASE).

    At my house I have a plex media server (  At my parents house they have an LG tv ( with a built in plex client.  The LG app will not let you specify an IP of the plex server, it insists on doing a discovery using a broadcast to  Of course this isn't passing over the VPN.  All I want to be able to do is pass the broadcast message from the LG TV to the Plex Server and let it respond.  I have no clue how to best do this.

  • Create a GRE tunnel on both endpoints.

  • stupid question, but how do i set this up?  I've never configured gre before.

  • Interfaces -> (assign) -> GRE

    I've never done this on pfSense but I know you can use a GRE tunnel over IPSec to pass broadcast traffic. You may need to play around with the settings a bit and you may need to set up static routes.

    GRE remote address is the WAN address of the endpoint you are connecting to.
    GRE tunnel local address is an IP you assign to the local side of the GRE tunnel. Pick a new subnet.
    GRE tunnel remote address is the IP on the endpoint you are connecting to.

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