Whatsapp and Facebook problems on Android phones

  • Hi All

    A very strange thing is happening. I can access facebook on wired PC's and Apple iOS devices but not Android devices. There are 3 android devices on the network with the same problem. The facebook app just sits trying to update but it never comes through. Also cant upload photos on whatsapp with all three devices too.

    Totally stumped. Any ideas? Pfsense blocking this traffic for some reason? Browsing and everything else on the phones work fine.

  • i remember having whatsapp issues myself when i first moved to pfsense (just over a year ago now). Not sure exactly what i did to fix it, but the obvious one seems to be my DNS setup on pfsense…

    systems > general setup

    • i have 4 manually set DNS servers
    • ticked 'Allow DNS server list to be overridden by DHCP/PPP on WAN'

    Services > DNS forwarder

    • ticked 'Enable DNS forwarder'
    • ticked 'Register DHCP leases in DNS forwarder'
    • ticked 'Register DHCP static mappings in DNS forwarder'
    • ticked 'Resolve DHCP mappings first'
    • all other settings unticked

    Status > dashboard
    DNS servers section shows the following order:
    {wan DHCP set dns 1}
    {wan DHCP set dns 2}
    {manually set dns 1}
    {manually set dns 2}
    {manually set dns 3}
    {manually set dns 4}

    I could be way off the mark, so make sure you do a backup first before changing your config; easy way back then!
    I seem to recall it being the way android handled the networking side of things, and that it being different to other devices.

  • Thanks for your reply. Tried your DNS settings and no difference. I have been pulling my hair out trying to fix this. I have just reinstalled pfsense from scratch. All I did was setup DHCP server and a port forward to one of the PC's on the network.

    If i unplug Pfsense box and connect using DSL modem directly it works fine so definitely a pFsense issue.

    I still cant update facebook or send pictures in whatsapp. Any other ideas?

  • It would appear that I am the only one having this problem. Is there a way that I can diagnose the problem. Perhaps some way to see if traffic is getting blocked on a certain IP?

  • Been scratching my head over this, i remember why i was having issues: pfsense with a router in modem bridge mode…. specifically the netgear DG834g in modem mode.
    I upgraded to a draytek vigor 120 ADSL modem and the problem went away; nothing todo with pfsense itself.

    whatsapp didnt work (so I just used carrier data), google play store had some issues (i actually raised a support call with them about it) but everything else worked fine. cant find the actual support call, just the feedback form in my email unfortunately.

    how is your PFsense setup physically connected, and what to?

  • We did recently change to a netgear modem in bridge mode due to sync issues!  That must be it then.  Thanks for your help. Will report back.

  • im having same Problem, all devices but android works okei, the Whatsapp Issue its only sending pictures and updating status, chatting and receiving pictures is okei; the facebook doesnt logs and receive notifications.
    like i said, it works fine on others platforms ( blackberry, IOS ) and normal PCs
    any ideas, or help will be apreciated

  • Just to confirm. The netgear modem was causing issues. Seems it doesnt really go into full bridge mode. Have replaced modem and all is well.

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