No mail send (no connection) v2.1

  • I have setup Pfsense with 4 WAN and 1 LAN ports. From LAN to WAN and reverse everything seems to work fine. Unfortunately e-mail notifications from the router won't work. The error in the logs shows:

    "php: sshd: Could not send the message to mymail – Error: could not connect to the host "smtphost": ??

    When I ssh into the router the only outside connection which seems to work is DNS. I can ping my DNS server, and DNS resolving is also working. Everything else seems to be closed. For example I can SSH into the router, but when I try to SSH out from the router I get an error "Network is unreachable"

    I looks to me that this is a firewall problem, but I cannot figure out howto fix it....

  • I found the problem….I looked at the routing table, and the traffic from the router itself is bound to one port. Because I did a lot of testing, this port wasn't connected.

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