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  • In System -> Advance -> Notifications, I filled in the email server and send to and send from email addresses.  Now I see the following error message in the System Log every hour:  php: sendmail: Could not send the message to – Error: 550 5.6.0 Lone CR or LF in headers (see RFC2822 section 2.2).

    If I press the test button in Notifications, it sends a test message perfectly, like it should, but gives the above error again on the hour.  Anybody have any idea what the problem is or what might be causing it.  I'm still fairly new to pFsense so I'm still learning.  Appreciate any help any one can give.

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S. Even with SMTP notifications disabled, I still get the error: php: sendmail: Could not send the message to -- Error: 550 5.6.0 Lone CR or LF in headers (see RFC2822 section 2.2).  What the hey is going on?  Maybe I need to just clear the boxes in notifications since there appears to be an issue with notifications or some other package in pfsense.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If you installed the arpwatch package, then cron and other things will start trying to send e-mail notifications. There may be a problem with the formatting from that script that your mail server is having an issue with. You can remove the sendmail script (rm /usr/sbin/sendmail) and the messages will stop.

  • Come to think of it, I did install Arpwatch and then filled in notifications with mail server and addresses.  Then I discovered that Arpwatch wouldn't send email, so I uninstalled it.  That's when I started to notice the sendmail error messages in the System Log.

    I'll remove the sendmail scrip then.  Would be nice to have the notifications but it is not a necessity.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I pushed an update to arpwatch to fix the formatting of the headers/body of the message so it shouldn't trip that RFC warning. Once you see version 1.1.1 pop up in the package list, update and then see if the notifications will go through.

  • jimp,

    I installed version 1.1.1 of arpwatch but I staill get the RFC warnings and it doesn't send any email messages.  For the present time, I have disabled email notifications in arpwatch and removed email server name and email addresses in System -> Advanced -> Notifications to stop the messages in the system log.

    Let me know if there is something else you want me to try, just remember I'm still new to pfsense.  I like what I've seen so far and plan to stay with it.

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