I need OpenLDAP

  • Hi there!

    We are a team of ~30, and I need to find some LDAP solution for us. I wouldn't like to go for a virtual solution, an appliance would make me feel more relaxed. I recon the OpenLDAP wouldn't eat up too much of the resources so I thought how nice it would be to have OpenLDAP running on pfSense (ALIX.2D13), but unfortunately I found no package for it. Is there a way I can get it running myself, or I need to pick up another piece of hardware and set some *nix environment to host the OpenLDAP? Any recommendations?


  • as i've heard others say here, pfsense is a router/firewall gateway solution with some added funtionality for security and monitoring.

    I run openldap on a seperate linux server, with dns and a few other functions.  A secondary backup as well. Pfsense connects to it easily to auth my vpn users.  If your OpenLDAP setup is at all complex it would outgrow the bsd box quickly. PAM SSL etc.

  • Hi!
    Yes, after few days of OpenLDAP expirience I understand what you're saying, I somehow underestimated the complexity (also the funcionality) of OpenLDAP. And since there seems to be a replication model for OpenLDAP, running 2 virtual machines should probably be robust enough. Thanx for the comment

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