Dual Wan with a Quirk

  • Hi, I'm new to soft-routers/firewalls but thought it's worth trying. Anyway I'm trying to acomplish the following:

    I have two WANs (2 ISPs), one lan (or I can partition it into two), I would like a part of the LAN to always use WAN1 and the other to always use WAN2 no need for loab balancing or failover. I could create two subnets for the lan, but that complicates the things since I need them to talk to each other and I'd need another nic on the router.

    For instance lan is, and -> WAN1 and -> WAN2.

    So is it possible if so, what are the highlights of what I need to remember while doing it.


  • Search the forum,please.
    In the recent past someone wanted to route all traffic from odd IPs to WAN1 and even IPs to WAN2.
    The information given in that thread might help you.

  • I did search and saw the post "Specify Netmask rather than CIDR" but it has no solutions, and I'm not certain if the fact that there is no solution is due to the weird (odd/even) request or something else.

    In my case I could specify that all trafic with CIDR being /25 be routed to WAN1 and /25 to WAN2.

    Would that be possible while still keeping the network not-partitioned ie.


  • Different default gateways don't bother local LAN traffic, nor do rules that point to different gateways.

    Within the access rules to the internet you specify a gateway to use.
    Create two rules, one for each subnet/IP range and you're done.

  • Many thanks, I'll try that.

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