Tricky routing

  • Hello,

    I have an odd situation and I'm not sure how to set it up.

    I have two servers, one is a web server and the other is a jabber IM server. The two servers need to share an IP address because one server is serving the web site (using SSL) and the other server is serving Jabber (using the same cert, so the hostname must be the same, hence the IP must be shared)

    No problem using PFSense. PFSense gets the shared IP on the WAN and port forwards web to server a, jabber to server b.

    Problem is, server a (the web server) has other public IP addresses. How do I configure routing on server A so one of it's ethernet interfaces can be behind PFSense and the other ethernet interface can have public IP addresses?


  • You can have both server interfaces behind the pfSense.
    Just add Virtual IP's for each of your additional IP's your Server has on the public side.

  • So you're saying the server won't know it has any public IPs at all, it will simply have multiple private IPs?

    That could pose issues as the server runs cPanel and may get confused if it's unaware of what it's public IP is. Then again it might work great. I'll have to try that, I can't come up with any other ideas…


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