HTTP priority over p2p…

  • Hi,

    I used the wizard to try to restrict p2p priority and honor http(s).

    Initial bandwidth set to 4000/400, did catchall p2p max 2000/200 and set top priority to http(s).  Everything else wizard's default settings.

    When having a torrent going and bandwidth around 2000/200 (ok) I started to download xp sp2 from microsoft via http.  However total bandwidth still was 2000/200.  I thought that in this case the http download would use at least the 'gap' between 2000 and 4000..?

    Or am I missing something?

    Thanks for comments



  • If you are running squid your http traffic will get dumped in the default queue because of the way it binds.  If that is the case you'll see that HTTPS is properly shaped by HTTP is not.  The catch all often will dump its traffic in this queue as well, so that is likely why you can't use what is left.

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