Wrong DNS servers being used

  • Hi,

    since 2.1 I found that when I'm on the LAN network and check which DNS servers my box uses by using ipleak.net it shows me that I'm using the OpenDNS servers.
    Thats odd because I have set my pfSense to use the google dns servers.
    When I connect from externaly to the VPN Server running on the box, I'm using the google DNS servers as specified in the OpenVPN config.

    Any Idea ?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Why don't you just look at what you have setup in the dhcp service on pfsense.  And validate that your client is actually getting dhcp from pfsense - and also that its not been set statically on the client for what dns to use.

  • Outch  :'(

    I did not thought about DHCP DNS setting, I always assumed its using the General Tab, but for whatever reason I must have configured it some time ago differently.

    Thanks for the quick help.

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    General curious question for you - why don't you point your clients both vpn and local to pfsense.. This way you can resolve your local network hosts, etc.  pointing to outside dns seems counter productive if you want to resolve anything on your own network.

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