Pfblocker whitelisted address still being blocked?

  • I've been using pfblocker successfully for quite some time.  Recently noticed my Nest thermostat cannot access or when pfblocker is enabled (only when it's disabled).  Despite me adding the CIDRs for both in my pfblockerwhitelist.  My pfblockerwhitelist rule is at the top of my FIREWALL > RULES > LAN page which seems to work for all other whitelisted addresses and Permit Outbound.  Is there something else that's required?

  • Are you including hostnames or site ip addresses on it?

  • Site IPs only.  Also, was curious whether it's possible to put comments alongside each IP/CIDR?  For example with a separator:;

  • IIRC, it extract ip from lines without coments. You can try to check applied list on diagnostic-> tables.

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