Restore from a hard drive crashed!

  • Hi fellow pfsense users,

    This morning, after a power surge, I woke up on pfsense not working because of a hard drive "imminent failure" (as reported by bios smart diagnosis).  So, before the drive decide to die completely, I've put my Acronis True Image 2013 boot cd to clone the drive on a brand new 80gb Seagate.  The first half (54% to be more accurate) went smoothly but then came a batch of bad sectors… So, now, I'm stuck at 54% with 3 days left...since 3 days  ??? .  And, the fact is that I don't want to reconfigure the whole thing.  So my question is quite simple, is there a way to take the config file from my crashed hard drive (if the drive allow me to do it before ultimate rendition) and if so, can someone point me to the right tool for the job and a little quick step-by-step guide.  Of course, if I can't recover the config file(s), I'm stuck at reinstall and reconfig but I won't know if I don't try.  Oh, btw, before someone ask, no, I don't have access to the web interface, pfsense refuse to boot arguing that the drive is in read only mode.  I know that I should have done my backup before this happens... I'm aware of that but please forgive my lazyness  (or carelessness).  On a side note, the backup still stuck at 54% but I'll let it run until someone post a possible solution.

    Thank you very much, any help is greatly appreciated.  Don't hesitate to ask for any other details that I may have missed in this post.

  • just reinstall from scratch and save the effort.

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