Squid 3.3.8-Dev Situation report

  • Hi all (marcelloc in particular)

    I'm considering using the Squid 3.3.8-Dev package since I have been led to believe it might solve an important problem for me, but:

    It seems from hundreds of posts to be somewhat tricky to get running due to missing libraries, misconfigured antivirus, dependence on IPv6 and so forth.

    What is the situation? Will there soon be a "non beta" release of this package, or parhaps just an updated and less problematic release?
    Alternatively is there a proper guide for getting it running on 2.1-Release (AMD64)?

    This package is all i need to finally kill of my Microsoft TMG firewall and start permanently using PFsense - something I have been wanting to do for a year now.


  • Current status is:

    • antivirus is still not finished

    • gssapi libs from freebsd are still need to run squid(you can get it from any 8.3 freebsd or from my repo)

    • There is something with squid compilation on freebsd with IPV6 that does not listen on configured port if pfsense is not configured with ipv6 option enabled

    • I have not tested this package with squidguard yet but they may work together.

    ssl filtering is working fine

    If you want, you can donate/contribute with it to speed up the -dev drop from this package.

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