Not using GIF interface?

  • Ok so I've followed all the guides on setting up an IPv6 Tunnel Broker interface and everything appears to be configured correct but when I look at wireshark, trying to ping my HE Server IPv6 address just results in ICMPv6 Neighbor Solicitations. Shouldn't it be encapsulated before being sent over the wire?

    My Firewall rules allows both IPv4 and IPv6 ICMP on the WAN interface (no other configured rule).

    My IPv6 default route points to the HE Server IPv6 address exiting the gif0 interface.

    I've verified the GIF interface config:
    remote gif address = HE Server IPv4 address
    local = Client IPv6 Address
    remote = HE Server IPv6 address

    The HE tunnel interface is using the GIF interface:
    IPv4 Connection Type: None
    IPv6 Connection Type: Static IPv6
    IP = Client IPv6 address
    Gateway = HEGateway

    Gateway = HE Server IPv6 Address.
    Default Gateway.

    Now what I'm not sure about is that this is a virtual machine inside of Hyper-V…Could be something is wrong there? I don't see the box trying to encapsulate anything, it's all just IPv6.

  • I just tried to wipe everything and try again but same issue. Nothing is being encapsulated. It's a perfectly new install, latest updates.

    I followed this guide:

    To get it installed on Hyper-V I obviously had to use the legacy network adapter and added this to rc.local:
    ifconfig de0 down
    ifconfig de0 up
    ifconfig de1 down
    ifconfig de1 up

    Oh and I should state that this is Windows 8.1 Hyper-V.

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