Video streaming buffering delays

  • Video streaming started to have issues after install squid and hvap. Http range request is enabled. video sites are added to whitelist.  RAM disk is enabled.

    setup for proxy was configure with recommended setting.  how can i tweak this to resolve the buffering issue.

  • Sorry, I don't have an answer… but thanks for asking this.

    I am by no means an expert but I played with the settings for a few days and could not resolve this issue.  Ultimately I just took down HAVP.

    After checking the dash widget and logs on both machines and HAVP hadn't blocked anything for months.  I tested them at EICAR and both blocked and logged so I just figured I was blocking most of the nasty stuff and the site I frequent (home system) weren't bad...  AV on everything behind the firewall.  But, if this pans out I may put HAVP back up.


  • I did not enable video/audio streaming scan so i don't expect the slowness in streaming. will try to play with the setting to see if it helps.

  • Found this from Mr. Pingle in another thread…  may try this change to cache type.

    "You can try the suggestions here:
    Someone else said they also had success by using 'ufs' for the cache filesystem instead of aufs or any of the other choices.

  • aufs works just fine on me. I had the same problem when I used HVAP. I have stopped using it and moved to Dansguardian (clamd). It's more effective and works really well. No more buffer delays for me now.

  • I do have kern.ipc.nmbclusters="32768"  set.  but change vfs.read_max=128. will report back after testing.

  • It seems to improved streaming after the changes made. So far so good.

  • Did you edit those into loader.conf or add them through  system>advanced>system tunables?

  • i modfiy loader.conf file

  • thanks…  maybe I'll give HAVP another try.

    If anyone else has tried these settings, please, chime in with your results!


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