Kernel panic with Realtek Onboard NIC

  • I bought an Dell Optiplex 3010 FF as a router + an Intel i340-T4. Then I booted pfsense from the 2.1 memstick image. I select "1" from the menu to boot normally.

    Problem is that the kernel panics (screenshot). When I deactivate the Onboard NIC it works. I have windows on it to extract the PCI-ID of the card:
    vedor: 10EC
    device: 8168
    subsys: 05851028

    The manual says it's a RTL8111E-VL.

    It is a realtek gigabyte card. Do I have to compile newer drivers or something?

  • It seems that the kernel panic only happens when booting the live medium.

    I deactivated the Realtek, installed pfsense, reactivated the Realtek in bios.

    The card is now working. It is a RTL8111E-VL. I looked it up in the manual.

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