Is there going to be a 2.1.1

  • I follow the daily commits on GitHub and I was wondering if those will be just for 2.2 or will we see a 2.1.1 eventually.

  • I believe there is certainly a plan to have 2.1.1 - that is why all the bits and pieces of fixes are being applied to 2.1 branch as well as master. Given the number of little changes on 2.1 branch, it would be nice to have a 2.1.1 Christmas present. Maybe one of the ESF lads can comment.

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    It would be nice to see many of the 2.1 bugs go away. A lot of things seem broken and the 2.0 branch suffered the same. Its working reasonably fine using 2.0.3.

    A good tactic would be to get it bulletproof instead of developing more features and clutter the GUI with more menus.

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    There will be a 2.1.1, I don't know about timing, we're still investigating some things like ix(4) driver issues that don't have a fix yet.

    One can always gitsync to RELENG_2_1 to pick up all of the 2.1.1 fixes made thus far.

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