Apinger invalid alarm

  • I have nine gateways setup to different subnets for routing to/from the LAN subnet.  A few times a week I get an alarm that the ping monitor triggered.  What makes me think it's set wrong or buggy is that the alarm and alarm cancelled message always logs at the same minute/second.  I would expect a real loss of comm to vary and last for a reasonable period of time.  The odds of it failing on 10 pings, then alarm, then "as I recall" needs more than just one ping to log "alarm cancelled"  seems very remote to impossible.

    Anyone encounter this?

  • Looking into this more I find other oddities.  Under System, Routing, Gateways, not all editable fields are sticky or have any effect.  For example the WAN1GW only works with apinger when set to all defaults.  I can change the gateway from dynamic to the real static IP but then it forces the monitor IP to be the same.  I can't monitor say or apinger will just sit on PENDING.  The same if I try any advanced settings like setting the ping interval from 1 sec to 5 seconds, apinger chokes on this too.

    Is this behavior all because I have a second LAN adapter disabled and not in use that "could" be an alternate gateway?

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