• Hello friends, okay?

    I have a client that uses DNS Server pfSense well as the public, there are all registered addresses SOA, NS1 and NS2, beyond the www and MX.
    The customer wants redundancy MX and hired a second link and put in pfSense, part of the reverse DNS and NAT entry (port 25 to the LAN IP of the MX) are beautiful, but the grating MX, should I create another record and put the same weight of the first type 10:10 or 10:20?
    In the firewall rules output from the LAN, I created two rules for the mail server, one exiting through WAN1 and using this gateway interface and another leaving for WAN2 and also by setting the gateway of this interface, pfSense will understand that the two should work when required or have to create a balance with the loa two links ?

    Thanks !

  • I'm not sure I understand the whole question, but you could handle the MX records two ways. Let's say you have an IP on WAN1 and an IP on WAN2 You create port forwards on both WAN1 and WAN2 for SMTP to your mail server. You add a record for mail and mail2 You could either set mail MX=10, mail2 MX=20, which would only deliver mail to the WAN2 address when WAN1 was down, or you could set both the MX records at 10, then it would split the SMTP traffic between both WAN links. Either way, the firewall will know which link to reply on without any additional rules.