Pfsense VirtualBox upload issue

  • I installed pfsense inside Virtualbox to use openvpn with the head office, the tunnel and the network works fine in the branch office but uploading files both on the web and in the outlook is not possible. Is there any known problem with virtualbox enters pfsense to upload files?

  • This could be many things. 
    Encryption types you used in setup, more encryption adds to overhead which would effect:
    physical hardware
    Are there enough cpu and memory allocated?
    did you check proc usage from vbox console?
    did you check proc usage from physical hardware?
    Is this machine dedicated to running pfsense with vpn or is this your workstation…
    do you have a dedicated connection to your main office (fiber) or standard cable dsl connections at both? 
    what do the logs show when you try to move a big file over the network.

    These questions helped me with similar problem long ago, hope this helps.

  • I'm using OpenVPN with shared key
    This server is running AD, file server and now virtualbox with pfense
    It is a Dell T110 server with 8 gigs of memory, I think that processor and memories are ok to this task
    Dashboard shows the cpu is at 3% and 8% of memory allocated in 1024.

    I'm using Pfsense 2-1 RELEASE (i386) and VirtualBox 4.3

  • You might need some sort of traffic shaping because I had issues with openvpn before I put a traffic shaping limit on it, but I was running over a 1mb adsl connection then and could basically trash the vpn by trying to watch high def youtube vids to test the bandwidth capability through the vpn.

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