DHCPREQUEST log entries question

  • i'm getting some log messages i'd like some help understanding if possible.

    1). dhclient[48944]: DHCPREQUEST on re0 to port 67

    "re0" is my wan int. it's connected to my cable modem.

    i'm wondering where this request for DHCP is coming from?
    is that the cable modem or something on pfsense? my internal net isn't that ip block so i'm curious.
    the cable modem is a DOCSIS type, so is the the cable modem's diagnostic IP address?

    2). php: : pfSense package system has detected an ip change 72.xx.xx.xx -> … Restarting packages.

    72.xx.xx.xx is my re0/WAN int.
    why is it seemingly changing IP address to that int gets its IP from the cable vendor

    3). (72.xx.xx.1) at 70:ca:9b❌x:x on re0 expires in 1200 seconds [ethernet]

    this IP looks to be first hop to cable vendor and that MAC suggests its a Cisco product. my cable modem is a Motorola brand.
    i guess DOCSIS type cable modems don't have a public IP address?

    just trying to understand my pfsense fw logs a bit better if anyone wants to take the time to enlighten me a bit.

  • IT seems your cable modem is loosing it's connection intermittently.  When the motorolla modem does not detect the coax (WAN) connection, it will unbridge the two interfaces and hand out dhcp ip's in the range of 192.168.100.x.

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