• Hello everyone! I'm new here and I thought I could get some advice on a build I want to do for pfSense.

    Here is what I have so far:

    Motherboard: Intel DQ77KB
    CPU: Intel G530
    Storage: SanDisk 32GB SSD
    Case: M350 Universal Mini-ITX
    AC Adapter: 90W

    From what I've been able to gather up from lurking these forms, this hardware should work nicely with pfSense and be capable of a 1GB connection (even though I don't have a connection as nice as that, I'd like this box to at least be capable enough to handle similar speeds).

    I would of liked to have this as a wireless access point as well which is why I first thought about getting a Gigabyte H77. Which at first seemed really nice but as I came to learn, pfSense doesn't really seem to work too nicely with on board wireless much less that motherboard. So in order to still have a fully capable wireless access point it seems much better to invest in an external one.

    That being said I'd also like to know anyone's opinion on a good Wireless Access Point, I haven't done much searching around for one yet.

    Also would anyone know of an alternative to the Intel DQ77KB? Something that might be a little more available and cheaper, while still having dual NICs and about the same amount of expansion room (though not really necessary I suppose). I'd like to leave at least some room for an internal wireless card (or even more NICs), in case the support for wireless on pfSense improves in the near future.

    Thanks in advance for any input.