Establishing web connection/traffic passthrough

  • I'll start this off by saying this is probably operator error, but I can't find how or where I might have gone badly adrift, so, help !

    Installed pfsense, made a couple of virtual IP's, assigned the two interfaces to LAN and WAN (obviously  ;) ) and set the WAN to connect to BT Business Broadband using PPPoE username and password. Allow ISP to automatically populate DNS is enabled.

    The web GUI home page says WAN is disabled.

    OK, go into Interfaces and check that WAN is ticked enabled - it is.


    Go to Status : Interfaces, and WAN is:

    Status: up

    pppoe: up

    Uptime 00:00:0

    MAC: 00:00:00:00:00

    IPv6: blah, blah

    That's not right - should be IPv4

    Go back into Interfaces - no IPv4 option when selecting PPPoE.


    Reboot pfsense box while swearing and muttering.

    Home page, when it comes back up, says WAN is down, but encouragingly it displays the correct public IP which was assigned as a Virtual IP then 1:1.


    Status : Gateways is blank for WAN Gateway and Monitor, and Pending for everything else. LAN is fine.

    OK, back to Status : Interfaces - WAN is down, down, 00:00:0 and 00:00:00:00

    OK, back to Interfaces and use the insert mac address option on the WAN.

    No further forward.

    Go to Interfaces:Assign network ports and choose the bge0 (correct-mac-address) from the drop down option for WAN, instead of the "PPPoE bge0 BT-user-name" that was selected.

    Back to home page, WAN is disabled.


    Go to Status : Interfaces (again) and IPv4 address is now populated with the Virtual IP it should have, MAC address is correct, but ISP DNS is and although PPPoE is up, Status reads "no carrier"

    Back to the home page, and WAN status says disabled.

    At this point, I went and made coffee and put our Draytek 5510 back online, and sulked for a while...

    Any ideas ?

    I've screwed something up, without doubt, but I can't see where to go from here.

    I realise the Broadcom network card might be an issue, but I ran an install on the same box a fortnight ago to monkey around with and got connected pretty quickly with it, but that was without Virtual IP's and 1:1

    Box is an Intel-based Lenovo Thinkcentre Edge 72 with 8GB of RAM, 500GB SATA and an additional Broadcom network card.

    I have a new HP ML310 I was going to implement as a mail archive but I can try pfsense on this instead.

  • What BT router are you using?

    The old 2700 HGV doesnt remember the settings if you put it into bridge mode and has a special way of working ie you need to key in some settings on one of the pages, click save before editing the rest of the settings on the same page.

    You might also want to get rid of your BT modem if you dont want someone external messing remotely with your system.

    I've cancelled my BT phoneline and business broadband because someone keeps switching on the router wifi. I have also noticed that despite only have a few ip addresses assigned to me, I get the entire block of ip addresses as I see the hack attempts coming in on ip addresses which are either side of the block of ip's I have been allocated.

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