Not falling back to tier 2[solved]

  • This was working on the pfsense 2.1 release candidates, but not on the final build.

    Two cable interfaces on different gateways.

    When WAN1 gets above 50 ping, new connections should be sent to WAN2.

    I have this setup in the gateways tab, and under gateway groups I have set WAN2 to tier 2, and WAN to tier 1.

    It's set for high latency or packet loss.

    When I max my WAN connection, under status ->gateways it says high latency on WAN, but connections are not falling back to tier 2.

    This exact same configuration worked on pfsense 2.0.3, and the release candidate builds of 2.1, but not on the final.

    Under firewall rules, the wanbalance rule is added there before the default allow any rule. This has not been changed since 2.1 rc

    edit: oops, i accidentally had another default traffic rule above the wanbalance one, fixed now.
    i am pretty sure that wasn't there before the update though haha

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