Any advice on brands of dsl modem for bridging

  • Hi

    I'm planning to buy a new dsl modem. I searched for recommended brands (maybe cisco/linksys?)  i couldn't find any.
    I tried 2 different modems for testing and i saw there is a latency difference between those 2 (from my modem to dslam). I'm looking for the most stable and speedy modem( in terms of latency )
    My question is:
    Do you people recommend any brand of dsl modem over other brands like you do recommend intel nic over realtek nic? Or any average modem do the job without any noticeable difference?

  • It might be helpful if you'd state your country/carrier/DSL standard to be used.

    There are several DSL varieties in use around the world.
    Some carriers even use multiple DSL standards on their own networks.

  • I'm using PPPoE ADSL. From Istanbul if it makes any difference :D

  • I too would love to find out …adsl2+  windstream

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