Multiple wifi lan, policy based routing

  • Hello, i'm currently using pfsense with a very basic configuration, let's say in the firewall, and using transparent squid, using static arp entry's for the lan wifi, for specific mac's.

    Now i want to make a these policy, all the arp registered mac's could pass to the wan(internet, etc), and the dhcp failed because of the static arp, could get access but in a different segment to this group of users capture all the traffic and redirect to a specific site and don't allow navigate to any other address.

    I've searched using CARP but i really need squid and i really don't now how to make this… ???

    Thanks for all your advice, help!!

  • wow O_o
    I really dont get what you want to do…
    Could you make a diagram and explain in complete sentences what you are trying to accomplish?

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