Advanced Port Gateway Rules

  • Hello,

    I currently have one of my computers setup under aliases to use a gateway that is tied to a VPN under LAN Rules. So all of that computers traffic is being sent through a VPN which is great, however I would also like to setup a Plex Server on that same computer but Plex will not "fully" work when the server is on a VPN. Is it possible to make a rule that forces the Plex port to use the WAN_IP Gateway and keep the rest of the traffic being sent through the VPN?

  • What VPN type are you using?

    Usually you can just create another rule on LAN, above the other one, that matches the desired traffic and sends it through the right gateway

  • I just got it working after spending all last night and this morning doing trial and error testing. I am using private internet access and wanted to get plex working. I had to create an aliases for and then tell the lan rules to take everything to vpn unless plex. I was trying to use the plex port but that was not getting me anywhere so I just started trying the alias.