Newbie: Setting up QoS for VOIP PBX

  • I have been looking for detailed instructions on how to install QoS for my Asterisk PBX - the reason I installed pfsense.  I have found a couple of tutorials but all of them are for older versions of the interface and there are significant differences in the screens.  Is there anything updated, or can someone help me configure this?  I have a simple setup with one lan and a PBX sitting on it behind the pfsense firewall and I just want to improve the sound quality of my telephone calls.  Most of the competition for bandwidth is coming from the various mobile devices my kids are using around the house - usually streaming video!  Thanks.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Use the wizard, use PRIQ for the shaper discipline on each interface, enter the IP of your SIP trunk/provider in the VoIP options when asked, bam… that's it.

    You can make other adjustments from there but that's all most people need.

  • Thanks - couple of questions:

    Wizard - Is this traffic shaper wizard?
    If so, I am trying to figure out which wizard to run.  I have one connection to the internet - through my verizon modem and one lan behind the pfsense firewall.  That to mean sounds like a single wan, single lan yet I only see single lan, multi wan or multi lan, single wan?


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