Traffic shaping on a C-Class public range - not NAT

  • Hi,

    First time poster, I love the product and have successfully set up limiting traffic from LAN to WAN with NAT enabled through the firewall rules applied to LAN firewall

    What I wish to do now is to limit the bandwidth for all IP's in a /24 public IP range with PFSENSE and all hosts on the same range.

    I do not want to pass traffic from public IP's to LAN, I just want to setup a gateway/router on public IP x.x.x.1/24 and shape traffic for x.x.x.2/24 x.x.x.3/24 x.x.x.4/24 all at different limits which I think I can do through the limiter.

    Anyone have suggestions on the best setup for this? Do I just enable one WAN interface? Can I turn off the firewall? Should I only disable NAT and add routing rules?

    Not sure where to start here?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • I have just finished configuring this option. Firewall-Filtering Bridge - pfSense 2.0.2 By William Tarrh.pdf

    Turn pfsense into bridge mode with firewall filtering turned on, this then allows all public IP's to be on the LAN side of the bridge and the limiter rules specified in the LAN firewall rules also still work.


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